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Arts Funding, Value and Tech

This report weaves together different thoughts, ideas and case studies exploring what future-focussed arts funding models that leverage new technology could look like.

The opportunity this report presents is in response to this unique moment in time; the crises of COVID-19 has revealed the problems arts funding poses for artists in Aotearoa, including difficult to navigate processes and priorities that leave many artists living precarious project-based lives. The threat of climate change risks exacerbating the inequalities we currently see, and with new technologies evolving faster than ever before, it’s unclear whether they will help solve these problems or further entrench the problems we currently face.

Considering the values embedded in our dominant systems of value, we can see a worldview of individualism and competition shaping many of the funding systems of today. But how else can we approach the design of systems and the design of technology to better serve our needs? If independent artists were to redesign systems of funding, what would we come up with? Some ideas are offered as a conversation starter.

Created with funding from Te Urungi Innovation Fund, Manatū Taonga | Ministry of Culture & Heritage.

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